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925 Sterling Silver Open Semicolon Suicide Awareness Ring


Unified Purpose

These rings were designed with one goal in mind; to help raise awareness on mental health in a world where it is still stigmatized. We want to come together and help those who need it. That is why the Awareness Avenue and our jewelry exists.

Packaging Options:
Add a gift -and keepsake box for just $4.95. Perfect if you are gifting the ring to someone else. If no giftbox is selected, the ring will be delivered in a beautiful silk bag with our brand logo on it, inside a protective envelope. The branded silk bag is also included when selecting the giftbox option.

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Donations. As of 2019 we have finally reached a point in our community and as a business where we can donate and help on a more global scale. 5% of all monthly profit from our jewelry will be donated to Project Semicolon directly. You can read more at projectsemicolon.com.

High Grade Silver. All of the rings are made from 100 % 925 Silver  They do not tarnish or lose their shine over time. However it is generally advised to keep them out of pool water.

Certified Sterling Silver Factory Production. We have undergone extensive research of our producers to make sure you get the highest possible quality.

Allergy Friendly. Have allergies? We guarantee you will never experience any issues with our ring, we only use completely pure materials in their making.

Deep Symbolic Meaning. In writing, the semicolon separates two thoughts but indicates they share something in common thus continuing a sentence instead of abruptly ending it. Thus transferring this to life, instead of abruptly ending life, we keep on believing there is hope for a better tomorrow. This serves as an inspiration to one self and anyone who sees it and understands it's meaning.


Help Us Raise Mental Health Awareness. Through our ring and unity of our customers / followers we believe that over time we can create a community where we strive to end the stigma and help each other overcome our struggles.

They were designed to show love and support to oneself and the world around us. Someone might see you wearing it, understand it's meaning and you could have uplifted that person without even knowing. 

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