Custom Actual Handwriting Bracelet

Turn your exact ACTUAL handwritten words into a truly unique bracelet

A handwritten gift is the most unique gift you can give. Now you even have a way to make it last forever. By turning handwriting into a bracelet, your loved ones can remember the special moments and your unique bond forever. 

This unique piece of jewelry is crafted in the form of your actual handwriting. This personalized piece of jewelry is also suitable for any occasion or to just let someone know that you truly care. 

    How should I present the text in the image I will send to your email?

    Please write your text in a straight line on a piece of white paper and take a photo of it using your phone. A good example can be viewed below, where you see the text snippet from the paper and how it will look in reality:

    What if my text is written on 2 or more lines?

    That's no trouble at all! As you can see from the product image below, we actually do have the ability to in some cases craft the jewelry as 2 lines. Alternatively if possible the 2 lines can be made into 1 line on the bracelet it self. Regardless we're confident we can make it work and after you place your order, we will get in contact via your order confirmation and we can work out exactly how you want yours.

    What if I want to use text from a card or letter?

    We have several customers who have selected this option in the past. In most cases it will be enough to simply send a picture of the text as it is on the card or letter. But if the text is scrambled or too unclear we might ask you to re-write the text using your own handwriting. In any event we are certain we can figure out a way to turn the text you have into a beautiful bracelet.

    What if my text is simply too long and I don't know what to write?

    We're here to help! We've worked with several customers to help them shorten down their texts into beautiful mantras or short sentences that are meaningful to them. If you are uncertain how to proceed, feel free to place your order and get in contact with our team and we will help you make your text suitable and memorable.

    What if the text on my bracelet arrives with a typo or some other form of error?

    In the very rare event that we make a production specific mistake and don't pick up on the error during quality inspection, all we ask is that you contact us on and send us a picture of the mistake. Afterwards the product will automatically be covered by our guarantee which can be seen below. You will be granted the option of a free replacement where we craft and ship the item again, or a full refund, no questions asked. 

     How long does it take for you to craft the pieces and how long is shipping?

    Please allow us 2-4 days in most instances to customize your jewelry and quality check all of the materials and final product to make sure your experience receiving your product is as good as we can possibly deliver.

    We have a strict quality inspection process because we want our products to be crafted delicately and with passion.

    As soon as your piece is finalized, it will be shipped. After this point you will receive a tracking number automatically to your email. Your order will usually be delivered in 5-10 business days after you receive the tracking ID.


    Customer Guarantee & Care.
    •  All of our jewelry pieces carry a free 180-day guarantee. If you experience any issues such as discoloring, fading and similar production-like issues from our side within 180 days of receiving your item, we will replace it absolutely for free. We will not even ask for a return. Your experience is our #1 priority.

    • Since all of our prodcuts are custom and handmade we have a turn-around time of 3-5 days. Please allow us a little extra time to make sure your product arrives in perfect top-notch condition to match your expectations.

    • All of our jewelry is ethically produced and hand crafted from the highest quality sterling silver.

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